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  2. My Wild Child Copy!

    I’ve just received my very own copy of Wild Child. It’s so exciting to finally see it as a finished, printed book. It has just gone off to the Frankfurt Bookfair so fingers crossed it gets some foreign interest too! The rest of you will have to wait until January to see it all for yourselves!


  3. Wild Child Cover Image Released

    As promised here is a sneak peek of my first illustrated picture book “Wild Child”. It’s still not available until Jan 2012 but it’s very exciting to see it on amazon anyway and you can pre-order it! : )

    Meet Wild Child! She’s spirited and curious. She’s fearless and free. She lives alone in a mystical, prehistoric world – the last child in a dramatic landscape, where anything could happen. Follow her through her day as she explores her world from the foot of the mountain to the heart of the wood; while she runs with the rabbits and swims with the fish – but beware of the grown-ups and sensible shoes! Join the magic and unleash the wild child in YOU!”

    ISBN 978-1406323085

    £11.99 in hardback

  4. Wild Child Cover Image

    I’ve just been sent the proof of the cover for my first book ‘Wild Child’- so exciting!! As soon as i’m allowed i’ll post it here for everyone to see!

    , Lorna Freytag 

    Publisher: Walker (5 Jan 2012)

    ISBN-13: 978-1406323085

  5. "Wild Child" UPDATE

    I have just handed in the final version of “Wild Child” my first picture book (in collaboration with Jeanne Willis) to be published by Walker Books in Jan 2012. Hooray!!!!Will keep you posted on its progress and will let you know when it’s out to buy.