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  2. Mikey Please

    Mikey is a freelance film maker/animator with an amazing portfolio of work. The trailer above gives you a little overview of his stuff.  I recently mentioned his stop motion film “The Eagleman Stag” which won a BAFTA this year for Best Short Animation. Check out his website for a taster of his creativity (and for a good giggle have a look at  ”fingerthings test” under “Bits and Bobs” - experimentation at it’s best!)

  3. 'Dot'- winner of Soho Short's Animation Award

    My love of all things that play with scale…… the winner of this years soho shorts award for animation is “Dot” a 9mm girl who’s world literally unravels around her. The film set a new world record for the smallest ever stopmotion character to be animated.

    Congratulations to Sumo Science at Aardman Animations who directed the film.

    Runners up were 'The Eagleman Stag' by Mikey Please at The Royal College of Arts and ‘A Morning Stroll' by Grant Orchard at Studio AKA.